Before every wedding day I have this little internal moment where I’m packing my bags for the day, going over the 8 hour timeline and thinking to myself, ‘I’m going to blink and this day will be over’. It’s not with any particular connotation that I think this, but the thought always runs through my mind. And at the end of the night, without fail, I’m driving home and I’m like ‘yep, that went by SO fast!’ and I’m not even the one getting married!

Without getting too mushy or deep, I’ll just say that I think my job is so cool! What an honor to be let into these memories and given the chance to freeze them in time. A wedding day goes by so fast, I’m so happy to deliver photos that let people relive their happiest day!  I strive to document love stories for what they’re really about – the people and their story.  From how you met, to which one of you is the funny one and which one is more serious, to where you like to spend your free time, down to how the details you choose for your wedding decor reflect your style.  I care about all of it.  I’m driven to not only give you gorgeous photos but to really get to know you and your story in order to tell it in a way that speaks to who you are as people.  As a unit.

From the proposal to engagement photos to the wedding day – all the way through to your maternity photos and the welcoming of your first child…I’m the photographer that you’ll end up being friends with.  I’m the one that cares about your photography experience, not just the numbers you represent on my invoices- because I’m a true believer that a photoshoot does NOT need to feel like work.  I promise that you will laugh during your engagement session, or at the very least you will fake it when I [try to] make a funny joke!  I care if you like your right side in photos better than your left, and I care if you’re starving during post-ceremony portraits and maybe just need a drink and a break.  I’m the one that will befriend your bridal party, cry with your mom and have a crush on your grandpa.  I will dance at your wedding.  I will pour my heart into my work in order to deliver not only photos, but memories – because as many times as I remind you to slow down and soak it all in, you just can’t be everywhere at once.  I’ll have your back.  I will invest in you as much as you do in me.

(drops mic)