I document love stories for what they’re really about – the people and their story. (And let’s be real…the details and venue that you hand picked and paid for…I care about those too.)  As an artist, I’m driven to make beautiful photos in beautiful places with the best light and the best approach for a creative and real, true-to-you, super flattering wall-art-worthy session.  As a person, I’m driven to not only give you gorgeous photos but to really get to know you and your story in order to tell it in a way that speaks to who you are as people.  As a unit.

From the proposal to engagement photos to the wedding day – all the way through to your maternity photos and the welcoming of your first child…I’m the photographer that you’ll end up being friends with.  I’m the one that cares about your photography experience, not just the numbers you represent on my invoices.  I care if you like your right side in photos better than your left, and I care if you’re starving during post-ceremony portraits and maybe just need a drink and a break.  I’m the one that will befriend your bridal party, cry with your mom and have a crush on your grandpa.  I will dance at your wedding.  I will pour my heart into my work in order to deliver not only photos, but memories – because as many times as I remind you to slow down and soak it all in, you just can’t be everywhere at once.  I’ll have your back.  I will invest in you as much as you do in me.