BOOKING FOR Winter 2017 + 2018

limited availability left in Spring 2018



A little bit of info on the booking process:

  1. You check out my work, make sure I sound like a good fit for you, and inquire with this contact form
  2. I respond within the hour!
  3. You ask questions, I answer them, and we chat about details (how many hours do you want/need? what about a second shooter? A photobooth? )
  4. You book me by signing a contract and sending over a deposit to hold the date
  5. I pencil you in and we choose a date for your complimentary engagement session
  6. I give you super rad images after the big day!


So many of my clients are now my friends, and I think that’s probably one of the most important things I could say on this contact page.  They trust me, and I trust them…that’s how quality photos are made.  Good wedding photography doesn’t just happen…it takes openness, trust in the creative process and a little planning for everything to come together.  Good thing I’m a wedding professional, right? ;) I’ll leave it at that, shoot me an email if I sound like a good fit for you and I’ll send you more details!