Who the heck are you and why should I hire you to photograph the most important day of my life?

Good question!  I won’t pretend like this is one that I get asked very much, but it should be!

I’m Chelsea, I’m a lover of love and light and MY cats (all others are inferior) and nature (and a lot of other things you can read about here); photography is my passion that I never thought would be my career.  I was always interested in sales and marketing, and had experience in the beverage industry (I worked for Red Bull all of college and LOVED every second), so I always sort of figured I’d end up in that realm of things.  I liked photography too much, I would never count on it to support me and my family because I didn’t want to fall out of love with the craft.  RIGHT.

That’s one of those times when you have to laugh looking back at things and thinking your ‘plan’ would trump God’s!  Photography is my calling.  I actually resisted it at a point in time, and here we are, all roads having led to Finding Light Photography.  I can confidently say to people that it is what I was put on this earth to do.  My work has brought people together, has introduced me to some of my favorite people, brings me so much joy and provides for my little (growing-I’m getting married in 2017!) family.  It’s everything I could ever hope for in a passion turned career.  My passion for photographing weddings, my dedication to learning, perfecting and constantly growing in the craft are only a couple of reasons why investing in me to capture your big day is worth it.  I legitimately care about my clients and the photos I create for them, and I truly want your wedding day to be the most stress free, fun, full of love and light day ever!

How would you describe your style?

If I had to give it a name, I’d say my work is “light and bright, film inspired and lifestyle driven”.  Basically that means I like warm tones in my edits, creamy skin tones and colors that pop over photos that are just the right mix of posey-posey and candid.  It’s like a photographic cocktail mixed to perfection. WITH A DRINK UMBRELLA.

Do you travel for weddings and engagement sessions?

Yes yes yes! YAS. Get it? I love to travel.  I am based out of Florida but have worked as far as Switzerland, to the Bahamas, to New England and the West Coast of the US to photograph weddings.  Where am I dying to go next? The UK, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Australia…New Zealand…we don’t have all day.  But yes, I travel. :) When you inquire with me just mention the location and I’ll fill you in on deets; I try to keep my travel fees as low as possible so I can travel as far and wide as possible.  It’s one of the things I love most about my job!

I have a shot list – what’s your take on that?

It’s a love/hate sort of thing.  I’m a visual person myself, so I can appreciate the need for inspiration and having a photo to turn to as a reference.  However- I don’t love being shown an entire pinterest board of ‘must haves’ because it actually hinders the creative process for me as a photographer. You trust me, I’ll trust you and we will make some magic.

How many hours of coverage do I need?

So I don’t offer any full collections with less than 8 hours of coverage, the simple reason being that I just can’t tell the story of your big day to it’s full beautiful potential in a 6 hour timeframe.  Something always gets cut whether its getting ready shots or reception shots, so my base package offers 8 hours which usually gets us a little of everything!  Currently they’re structured as 8 hours, 10 hours and full day collections.  Day after sessions and boudoirs can always be added!

Elopement packages are always available, just contact me!

Why are you hands on with my day-of timeline?

Because LIGHT!  It’s gold.  And it literally runs my entire show and is legit the name of my game ;) Portraits need to happen at the right time in the right light to get the same type of work you see all over my instagram and website.  But don’t freak out, I’ll help with the planning process to make sure we have all the golden goodness we need!

Do you ever run special deals or promotions?

Sure do!  Check out ‘The List’ and see what I’m just dyingggg to shoot!

What do we get with our package when we book you?

It depends on the package, but included in every collection is my dedicated attention to helping you guys in every way possible in planning to get the best photos we can, an engagement session, your final edited images delivered via a beautiful online gallery link, and a personal print release.  Some collections also offer a USB of your high resolution photos, second photographers for extra coverage, additional coverage hours, and high quality handmade albums – all of which can be selected a la carte as well to make your own custom collection.

Why are you so obsessed with engagement shoots?

Because I’m selfish and I want to take as many photos of you as possible. :) but also because it’s just better for us to work together before I shove my camera in your face for 8+ hours on the biggest day of your life. Think of it as a practice round with pretty light, cute outfits, and a much less restrictive timeframe.

Where will we shoot?

On location!  For lifestyle sessions I love shooting at the beach, cute urban areas, cute parks (that aren’t too busy) and even fun coffee shops or at my clients homes – wherever there is good light!  For weddings, we will do portraits somewhere with pretty light (light is always first!) and the best that your venue has to offer for scenery and locations – if not onsite, somewhere close by!

If you have an idea for a location, I’m all ears!  My lifestyle sessions are usually in Broward and Palm Beach County, but I travel over to Naples, North Florida and the upper West Coast of Florida as well for a small travel fee.

How do I secure my date and book you?

Yay!  You’re still reading, and obvs we are photo soul mates so cheers to that :) To book me it’s pretty easy, I draft up a digital contract which you sign, and then you send me a 50% deposit.  I add you to my calendar, and we book your engagement session!


Have a question I didn’t answer here? Get in touch!  I’d be happy to answer :)