Finding Light Photography – Florida Wedding Photographer – Mastin Labs Review

I never used to use presets for my post processing, both because I felt that it would be too easy to fall into a habit of ‘editing lazily’ as I called it, and also because I hadn’t found any that I loved.

As a digital photographer that appreciates the look that film photography creates, I had dabbled with other film presets before but still not obsessed enough over any to make the switch and invest.  As I began to focus more on weddings towards the end of 2014, I came to the realization that presets were a beautiful thing when it comes to the entire editing process and editing speed…I quickly learned that there was quite the difference in the amount of time it takes to edit a portrait session versus a 10 hour wedding day with all types of images shot in different circumstances…In sometimes challenging lighting.  While on a rushed schedule.  In varying lighting from shot to shot…while all trying to make a cohesive set of images.  So the hunt began.

Anddd BOOM.  A couple of months ago I found Mastin Labs and I will never look back.  These presets legit blew my mind and after first buying the Fuji Pack, it didn’t take long for me to purchase the Portra and Ilford.  They make everything, just so, easy.

Besides the epic presets themselves, investing in Mastin Labs also grants you access to an amazing community of likeminded artists who are conveniently all in a user group on facebook, ready to bounce ideas off of, ask advice from, and just share your rad film lookin’ shots.

That’s what I did with this set of styled bridal boudoir images I shot before Valentines Day, and when they reached out and asked me to share along with a review it was a no brainer.  :)

Thank you to Ciera, my forever muse for letting me wrap you in tulle and crown you with roses, you’re the best!

Finding Light Photography

  • Bruna said:

    Hi Chelsea! Just came across your work and I'm absolutely in love! I've been back and forth on which prime lens to get and I just love the feel the lens you used gives to this session. Would you mind sharing? Is it the 85mm? Thank you so so much and keep up the stunning work! :)

    • said:

      Hi there! Thanks so much for the kind words!! :)

      I used both the 35L and 50L during this session- I love the 85 though!

  • Daniel said:

    These are absolutely breathtaking! Were the color ones processed with the Fuji Pack or Portra? Do you mind telling me what those blurred foliage reflection artifacts are in the 10th to 13th images? They really work great with these images. Thank you so much and I hope to see more of these editorial like shoots from you!