First Lookwhat it's all about and why I'm a big fan

I’m a big fan of the first look for a few reasons!  From a photographer’s standpoint, it gives us way more time for photos.  Instead of having to rush and squeeze all of the bride and groom portraits into the cocktail hour after the family portraits are done, we get to capture a ton of great shots before the ceremony begins.  This gives you more photos, lets you get your nerves out and see your other half before the ceremony, and also lets you enjoy more of your cocktail hour!

LIGHTING PLUS!  For couples who want a sunset ceremony, there is limited light left afterwards for portraits.  Doing a first look before the ceremony alleviates the timeline stress and the race for light by knocking out Bride/Groom and wedding party photos beforehand rather than after.

An equally important point to mention is this: A first look may be the only moment you both get to share together, alone, all day long.  Weddings tend to be a blur because there are so many moving parts; you’re hosting, you’re dancing, you’re making the rounds with all of your friends and family…First looks let you slow down and take a quiet moment, together, to absorb how epic the rest of the day is going to be!