Planning Tipsfrom getting ready to reception - lighting is key!

There are a few things from a photographers point of view that I like to offer up as wedding tips to my brides and grooms, the most important being light! I could talk about it all day :)

It’s SO important when planning your big day!  Everything from where you choose to get ready, to the time of your ceremony, to whether you do bistro lights or uplighting for the reception – your choices regarding light have a direct effect on your wedding images.  Aside from light there are a few other things worth mentioning, lets break it down:

Getting Ready:

For your getting ready location and photos, there are a few things that will effect the look and make me a happy happy photographer  1.  White walls are a plus 2. lots of windows is a plus plus 3. keeping the room tidy will save me from looking like a jerk when I ask your maid of honor/best man to help me clean up before we start shooting (ya know, in order to avoid the random room items like bras, shoes, bags, food etc. stealing any of your thunder in your photos).

Something that a lot of people overlook: your getting ready location doesn’t have to be a hotel!  Airbnb is super rad and there are so many awesome options to choose from that can add so much more character to your getting ready shots than a hotel room.  A lot of times, if the house is big enough, bride/bridesmaids and groom/groomsmen can get ready in the same house, just in different rooms – and if theres an epic spot the first look can go down there as well!


Lighting has such a huge impact on your timeline.  Simply put, if you want me to produce produce photos for you like you see showcased on this website and blog, theres a recipe to it :) It’s all centered around the sunset time.  Good news: when you book me, you get hands on help with your timeline ensuring that we plan the best we can!


Now I’m not tryin’ to tell you how to live your life or anything but installing bistro lights over your dance floor is a good idea.  They are romantic as heck and make everything more beautiful.  As for the green dotted strobe thing your DJ might bring…not so much.  Unless green spots all over your gorgeous gown are your thing. ;)