Angelica and Steven’s Elegant Flagler Museum Wedding in Palm Beach, Floridawedding photography

Angelica and Steven are married!  And I am so excited to finally be sharing this gem of a day.

A little about them: Angelica’s sister Ali hired me to photograph her wedding a couple years ago which is how Angelica and I met.  She was a rockstar maid of honor then and just as much of a rockstar bride now!  Besides the fact that the Flagler Museum is beyond stunning, and that the Brazilian Court is a beautiful backdrop for photos and a getting ready location – this wedding is the perfect segway into a new blog style that I want to try to do in 2018.

I feel like every wedding is truly different and beautiful, and although for different reasons, the core ones are usually the same.  So often I just yabber on about how obsessed I am with my couples (because I am) and how pretty the light is (because light is everything) and I’ve come to the realization that maybe reading my posts can start to feel a little redundant?  SO! Beyond the beautiful similarities that all of my weddings share (lucky me!) I feel like there’s more I can pull from them that can help both photographers AND brides.  And this probably stems a little from me being a past bride too, which has totally changed how I shoot weddings!  Which brings me to my new blogpost style, which I have just lovingly dubbed after two glasses of wine and a fried brain from editing all day, “The Takeaway”.  I’ll hopefully come up with something cooler later, lol.

My takeaway from this wedding that can be helpful to brides is actually two-fold.  1., hire a kickass planner if your day has lots of moving parts, i.e. multiple locations, and/or if you have a giant family photo list **Emily you saved my life this day** like this one did.  These two got ready at Brazilian Court, had their ceremony at Saint Ann Catholic Church, then went back to Brazilian Court for photos, then had to be at Flagler for a certain time slot for photos in the pretty room with all of the killer green pillars you’ll see below.  That’s a lot of moving around for a wedding party to deal with.  And on top of that, Angelica is like me and has a big, close family and needed lots of family photos after the ceremony.  Here’s where I sing praises.  Emily with Event Bliss KILLED THE GAME this day!  She helped me que up family formals lists, made sure all transportation was on time, and basically just kept Angelica and I from pulling our hair out on the day of.  Coordinators/planners are KEY, brides! 2., plan accordingly if photos are important to you.  Often times when the ceremony is at a church, especially if it’s a mass, there is a gap in between the end of the ceremony and the cocktail hour.  Use that accordingly!  We did just that on this day and went back to Brazilian Court for wedding party photos since A + S didn’t want to do a first look.  It might mean more ‘back and forth’ but it’s worth it in the long run!  And if you have a coordinator there to help it won’t be so painful. ;)

My photo takeway for all the wedding togs out there is this: Pre wedding Questionnaires.  With detailed family photo lists.  Send them to your brides.  It’s no secret that family photos are one of the more stressful parts of the day, but as a recent bride I can totally vouch that it’s also one of the most important!  Ask your couples to give you a *detailed* list for photos, but remind them that they can stay as a pair in the photos so that there isn’t any unnecessary switch outs and rearranging of the dress.  It’s just so much easier when you have a list.  And if Mom or Aunt Mary starts to look concerned that someone is left out of the list (it’s going to happen, there just has to be a cut off point or else the bride and groom will not have any sanity left afterwards) just remind them that you can grab any group shots they’d like during the reception.  Boom.

SO! Without further ado, Mr. and Mrs. Berni!  This one was a beaute. <3

Photography by Me! Finding Light Photography with help by the lovely Christina Craddock

Videography by Lotus Films

Planning/Coordination by Emily with Event Bliss

Getting Ready location: Brazilian Court

Ceremony: Saint Ann Catholic Church

Reception: Flagler Museum

HMUA OMG Artistry

Red Elephant Catering

Ann Z

The Event Group

Larry Limos