Becca + Erik – Boca Raton DIY Wedding

Somehow, for the most part I get super blessed to have clients who are generally as equally obsessed with photography as I am.  I mean brides who share endless shots from their engagements and weddings I photograph for them, AND even include credits and links back to my site and social.  It’s like they read the imaginary “Perfect client” handbook or something.  I don’t know how it happens, but it does and I’m not complaining.  Becca is one of those brides.

She texted me yesterday, and it read “So…I’ve been ordering a million prints from the wedding to give as Christmas gifts, and looking at these pictures again just makes me so happy.  I know I’ve said it a million times, but you are just so amazing at what you do.  Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the feyonce life!” ….excuse me while I sob into my wine glass (wine is life…also it’s 10:16 pm as I write this so it’s cool, promise).  I’m always happy to see a share or a post from a client but texts mean that much more.

Becca and Erik are college (FAU, go Owls!) sweethearts, the perfect football player/dancer kind at that, and their wedding took place at one of the staple FAU Boca bars, The Wishing Well.  It was perfection.  Bridesmaids dancing on bars for the rest of my career please!

Congrats again, Becca and Erik!  Thanks for being amazing.