Kaylae and David’s Palm Beach Worth Avenue Engagement Session – Palm Beach Wedding Photographerengagement photography

Kaylae and David’s Worth Avenue engagement session up in Palm Beach gave me life!  I love when shoots can be fast paced, jumping from location to location.  There’s something about operating that way that sparks a light in me and gets my creative juices flowing.  Worth ave has so many great spots, and when you hit it at the right time with the right light it can be so magical!

I shot a wedding the night before this engagement session.  And I’m sure I’m not the only photographer who deals with this, but the day after a wedding I’m pretty much a zombie.  I call it a wedding hangover.  But Kaylae was really hoping for a sunrise shoot so we made it happen and I’m so happy that we did!

My takeway for photographers: get out of your comfort zone!  So basic, yet so true.  As I rule I prefer evening light, I think mostly because of the fact that a lot of my shoots are either on the beach or close to the beach, and being that we’re on the East coast here in South Florida, I find evening light to be a little more easily controlled than sunrise light.  But!  I literally loved the light in this session and the clouds made for the perfect natural diffuser, so I’m so happy that I jumped out of my comfort zone for this one because I loved the result!